About GoTradie

I started GoTradie after a conversation with an electrician friend of mine who lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

He was planning for a year long trip overseas at the time and expressed his frustration in not being able to easily find local work that would help subsidise his regular income.

After speaking with friends, members of the local community and trawling through online forums I was left with the impression that the current way we find good Tradies could be done a lot better.

Although there are a number of online platforms that exist in the market today aiming to solve some of these issues they often leave both customers looking for Tradies, as well as Tradies who signed up feeling;

Frustrated, cheated and often hundreds of dollars out of pocket per year without providing the service they claim to.

I believe that GoTradie can do things better.

Better for Customer’s looking for Tradies and Better for Tradies looking for real job leads.


GoTradie Founder - Adam Fazzani

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